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"CSU-Global is a pioneer in competency-based education. The university, under Dr. Takeda-Tinker’s leadership, acknowledged a need within the growing nontraditional student population and created a model of education to serve them. Because of CSU-Global, thousands of professionals have been able to reinvent themselves for the twenty-first-century workforce. The university provides a cost-effective, time-efficient option to attain a degree, and schools across the nation could learn from its successes."

— Jared Polis, US Representative of Colorado

"Working with Becky and CSU-Global has been like collaborating with a world-class start-up. CSU-Global is a unique university that drives innovation with its stakeholders, partners, and the industry. The work of the institution over the last few years has been incredible, and I am pleased to see that the leadership is now sharing its insights and discoveries toward newer and workplace-relevant models of higher education."

— Mark Protus, Director of Modern Learning & Video, Microsoft

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Insight Into a New Model That Works for Students, Academic Institutions and America


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There is a crisis in higher education. Fewer students are attending traditional four-year colleges and universities, and increasing numbers of those who do aren’t completing their degrees. Tuition and fees continue to increase, and even students with degrees have challenges finding good-paying jobs to help them pay off their student loans.


Enter Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSU-Global), the nation’s first and only 100 percent online, nonprofit, independently accredited state institution. It successfully serves students without state financial support and has not increased tuition in more than six years. CSU-Global meets or exceeds industry benchmarks for student retention and graduation rates, and salary data and employer surveys reveal its students’ success on the job.

What is the CSU-Global secret? In this insightful book, CSU-Global President Becky Takeda-Tinker throws open the university’s playbook and reveals everything from the wealth of data it collects to how it works to provide students a return on investment. In the end, however, Takeda-Tinker always comes back to this: colleges and universities that know who they serve and serve them well can retain and graduate students who will be successful in today’s economy.

Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker

Becky Takeda-Tinker, PhD, blends her passion for education with her experience in nonprofit governance and business leadership to lead Colorado State University-Global Campus.

As president of CSU-Global, Takeda-Tinker champions data-driven, technology-based solutions to facilitate workplace success for adult learners. She started with CSU-Global as an instructor, and later as dean she worked to ensure the stability and success of the university. Takeda-Tinker has academic and workplace expertise in finance, leadership, and business management. With the mind of an entrepreneur and the soul of an educator, Takeda-Tinker is remaking higher education to advance American competitiveness.

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